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MCES Co-hosting Forum On Suicides By Emergency Responders

Friday, January 22, 2016

MCES will co-host a forum on suicides by emergency responders on May 10.

MCES is working with the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety, the Pennsylvania Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition and the Sprout Health Group on the forum, which will be held at the Montgomery County Public Safety Training Campus.

About two years ago after the suicides of two police officers in the area, MCES convened an ad hoc group to look at the issue. Members were drawn from law enforcement, EMS, and the fire services.

The group adopted three objectives: develop and distribute educational materials on suicide prevention among emergency responders; hold an educational conference to bring stakeholders together to promote action on the problems; and develop an appropriate service resource for emergency responders struggling with suicidality.

The first objective was accomplished with release of a series of materials to police departments in the county and to police cadets and EMT trainees at the Public Safety Academy.

The forum, which addresses the second objective, will feature speakers with experience in suicide prevention among police officers, EMTs, paramedics, and fire fighters. The forum will run from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is free with lunch provided but seating is limited. The Public Safety Campus is at 1175 Conshohocken Road, Conshohocken.

Questions? Click here to email Tony Salvatore of MCES or call him at 610-279-6100.

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Most Suicides Occur Outside Holidays

Friday, December 30, 2016

It is popularly believed that most suicides take place during December. National suicide statistics have shown this to be a myth. Despite efforts, including a report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center, to correct it, this misperception persists in media accounts every year at this time.

Montgomery County data on suicides for all age groups for the years 2008-2015 show that most such deaths occurred in June and July and to a lesser extent in April and October, with December being a month with fewer suicides. County data on suicides among those under 20 years of age in 2008-2015 show youth suicides peaked in September and October and that there were far fewer suicides involving young people in November and December than in autumn months.

While suicides do not increase at this time of year the same cannot be said for suicidal behavior. Calls and referrals to the MCES Crisis Center involving suicidal ideation, suicide threats, and attempts remain heavy at this time of year.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Wendy Wait joined the MCES administrative staff in September in the newly created post of Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Wendy came to MCES from Holcomb Behavioral Health.

"Wendy's strong expertise and experience in behavioral health financial management will greatly strengthen MCES's capability in planning, analysis, and planning," said CEO Bill Myers.

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Welcome Nurse Added To Crisis Center

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In response to changing patterns of behavioral health and medical acuity in those seeking help or brought to MCES for help, nurses have joined the Crisis Department staff.

The nurses will greet those arriving for service, assess clients for medical conditions needing immediate attention, complete vital signs, drug screens, pain assessments, pregnancy and diabetes tests, and EKGs. The Welcome Nurse will convey this information, as applicable to the MCES Crisis Psychiatrist, initiate an individualized treatment plan and facilitate the admission process for those found in need of inpatient care.

"We did a trial run for a few weeks and found having a psychiatric nurse in our Crisis Center to be invaluable," said Julie Peticca, MCES Crisis Department director. "The nurses were well-received by both the clients and family members."

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