Railroad Suicide Prevention Effort Expands

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

There are now signs with the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine (800-273-TALK) at passenger stops and stations and on some railroad right-of-ways around the tri-state area.

First SEPTA put signs on all its regional and suburban rail lines. Then PATCO did the same in Camden County and elsewhere. Now AMTRAK is stepping up. By month's end, AMTRAK will have LifeLine signs in place at locations in Bucks, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, in Trenton and Newark and Wilmington. AMTRAK is also placing the signs in several other states.

MCES is involved in the efforts and is a big supporter of the expansion. Since the signs went up in the metropolitan Philadelphia area, MCES has received many calls from people at the stations. Most of the callers were struggling with thoughts of suicide or ambivalent about taking their lives. The signs did their job and gave them a chance to reach out for help.