A Call To Tighten The Focus For Suicide Prevention

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Every day, week, and month of the year is claimed by multiple causes or diseases. Such designations have the purpose of raising awareness and funds. Suicide prevention is into this too.

The International Suicide Prevention Association promotes "World Suicide Prevention Day" on September 10, the American Association of Suicidology and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention back "National Suicide Prevention Week" in the US from September 10 to September 16 and the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is behind September as "National Suicide Prevention Month."

Social media will feature messages extolling suicide prevention, promotional events, trainings, conferences and so on. What is omitted in all of this messaging and imaging is some explication of exactly what suicide prevention is and how it can be accomplished.

There are different levels of suicide prevention. The one that is most needed is aimed at keeping people from becoming suicidal. To be sure we do not know a lot about doing this. So let's focus our advocacy and awareness-raising on calling for research and programs that will reduce the incidence of suicidal behavior through measures implemented before there are any signs of suicidality.