MCES Supporting Work Of The Montco Commitment Office

Monday, January 29, 2018

MCES has a multifaceted relationship with the Montgomery County Department of Behavioral Health/Developmental Disabilities (BH/DD). This goes back to MCES' founding in 1974.

One example is the Montgomery County Commitment Office, which is managed by Paul DeMarco, RN, the Chief Mental Health Delegate, and includes full and part-time Mental Health Delegates.

The main function of the MCCO is to process petitions for involuntary psychiatric evaluations (also known as "302s") in the county. The office does much more than that but this is the role best known to the community. The MCCO is based at MCES but it carries out its mission under the authority of BH/DD through a contractual arrangement.

MCES Crisis Department staff, like their counterparts in other counties, provide basic information about the 302 process and assist both petitioners and Delegates. However, all decisions regarding petitions rest with the MCCO and the Delegates.

The MCCO and BH/DD staff are looking at ways to facilitate use of the 302 process in dealing with psychiatric emergencies.