MCES Continuing Its Evolution

Thursday, January 25, 2018

MCES has gone through a number of significant changes and challenges over the past two to three years.

While "work in progress" applies to some changes, most have taken hold and are working well. The support and assistance of the Montgomery County Office of Behavioral Health, the other free-standing psychiatric facilities, and the hospital-based psychiatric units with the decentralization of the 302 function for adults in the county is much appreciated.

The crisis, social work, nursing, and medical staffs of emergency departments in the county are working with the MCES Crisis Department to assure that all patients needing inpatient care are appropriately placed as soon as possible.

We are building our capability so that we can meet more of the region's growing need for inpatient psychiatric care in the near future. Our law enforcement partners remain our largest referral source and continue to work with us to reduce the risk of inappropriate incarceration of persons with serious mental illness who have police contact because of their psychiatric symptoms.

Most of all, we also recognize and value the commitment and resilience that our staff have demonstrated during this ongoing period of adjustment.