Herbie And His Almost Admittance To MCES

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Herbie, the intrepid stigma fighting and suicide prevention promoting VW bug and his faithful companion and reviver, Gabe Nathan have been by MCES many times. In September, they wanted to make a special appearance during Suicide Prevention Month.

Just parking out front would have limited Herbie's visit to our staff and passersby. Herbie and Gabe thought our patients would enjoy spending some time with the little guy and hearing Gabe deliver their anti-stigma and pro-suicide prevention message. Herbie would drive into our patient courtyard so patients could come down, meet him, and speak with Gabe.

Two sets of large steel double doors open our patient courtyard to a rear parking area. Herbie has a narrow beam, so bringing him in that way seemed feasible. Alas, the tape measure said otherwise. Save for a few fractions of an inch, we might have succeeded. Instead, Herbie will visit our inpatients via video at some point and make a live appearance at Carol's Place.