Montgomery County Grant Supports New Ambulance

Monday, November 25, 2019

The only Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in Pennsylvania solely dedicated to responding to mental health crises in the community now has a new fully equipped state-of-the art ambulance. Montgomery County Emergency Service (MCES) is the home of EMS Station 305, which has been coming to the aid of persons with serious mental illness for over forty years.

This unique program reduces the need for local police departments and community ambulance companies to transport persons needing emergency psychiatric care. It also lessens the stigma felt by persons with mental illness who would otherwise have to be picked-up and taken for help in police vehicles.

The acquisition of the ambulance was supported by a grant from Montgomery County. for a grant that helped support the acquistion of the new ambulance. MCES thanks Montgomery County and Commissioners Val Arkoosh, Ken Lawrence and Joe Gale for helping build better tomorrows for those in need.

Pam Howard, Administrator, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and Dave Brown, C.E.M., EMS, Deputy Director, Montgomery County Department of Public Safety recently visited MCES to look over the new Unit 305-1 and discuss EMS and emergency mental health.