A Message From MCES CEO Bill Myers

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

As the CEO of MCES, which has a diverse workforce and serves a diverse patient population, I stand firm in saying that inequality, racial bias and injustice has no place at MCES or in the communities we live in and serve.

I was deeply shaken and profoundly saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd. I was also very inspired and hopeful, as I watched many peaceful protests nationwide demanding change. This is the time for us all to work together towards eliminating racial inequality, bias and disparities in our communities and in our nation. Hate has no place at MCES.

For me, this goes beyond just making a blanket statement. While words are important, actions are matter more. This is a time for action to affect change, and we can certainly start here at MCES by ensuring everyone is treated fairly and as equals.