Commissioners Support Suicide Prevention Week

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Montgomery County Commissioners yesterday issued a proclamation in recognition of Suicide Prevention Week. On behalf of the County's Suicide Prevention Work Group, MCES thanks the Commissioners for their efforts at promoting ways to support individuals in crisis and prevent suicide.


WHEREAS,  The Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Work Group, a coalition of organizations, promotes suicide prevention and raising awareness of the risk factors and warning signs of suicide; and

WHEREAS,  Suicide claimed 114 lives in Montgomery County in 2011, and the number of suicides has increased every year in the county since 2005; and

WHEREAS,  Suicide is a preventable public health problem that can be reduced with increased community education and greater use of available crisis intervention, mental health, and substance abuse services; and

WHEREAS,  Each suicide leaves an estimated 6-8 survivors who are severely bereaved and devastated, including many children; and

NOW, THEREFORE, We, the Commissioners of Montgomery County, do hereby proclaim


SEPTEMBER 10-15, 2012

and urge all Montgomery County residents to support the Montgomery County Suicide Prevention Work Group in its efforts to promote suicide prevention