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Jeff, 22, grew up right here in central Montgomery County. He lives with his parents, his older brother and sister. Baseball is Jeff’s passion. He was a scholarship player at a state university.

Problems began in his junior year. Before a mid-semester break, he told his friends that a professor had deliberately lost a paper and was trying to get him fired from his job at the computer center. Jeff started missing classes and early spring team practices. He lost his part-time job after accusing his supervisor of being part of a conspiracy with the professor.

When he was home for spring break, he usually looked up friends and helped out at his family's business. This time, he hardly left his room.

Jeff reacted angrily when his parents asked if he was all right. They gave him some space. However, they became alarmed the next day when he unplugged all of the TVs and electronic appliances in the house and disconnected all of the PCs.

Jeff told them his professor was remotely monitoring his behavior. After much pleading by his family, Jeff agreed to get help the next day.

Things became much worse late that night. Jeff smashed every TV in the house and was outside screaming that the next door neighbor was spying on him for the professor. Jeff had a baseball bat in his hand. He didn’t try to hurt anybody but he didn't seem to be aware that his parents were there. He seemed to be telling someone to leave him alone. Police were called.

The officers had received crisis intervention training at MCES, and quickly realized that Jeff’s behavior was a sign of serious mental illness. They calmly persuaded Jeff to put down the bat, and said that he would be safe.

The officers felt that he needed immediate psychiatric care. They transported Jeff to MCES and his father followed to file a petition for an involuntary psychiatric evaluation. He was relieved to see Jeff enter a room for an evaluation.

Jeff was diagnosed with schizophrenia. While at MCES, Jeff and his family learned about his illness and how it could be managed. After a short stay, Jeff began outpatient treatment.

Now Jeff is back at college, and working with his family.

Insurance covered most of Jeff's treatment at MCES. But we serve many people with needs like Jeff's who have no coverage. Our team works with every patient and family to achieve the same positive outcome.

You can help us to continue to serve patients regardless of their means, expand our police training, and strengthen our ability to aid those in the community with mental health emergencies.

Will you make a donation today? Will you give what you can so that we can provide services to all when they need our help? Your financial support can insure that our services are there for future Jeffs.

Remember, our mental health is as important as our physical health. Your donation helps us help neighbors, friends and other members of our community in times of crisis. Please support the mental health of our community today.

As always, we thank you for your time and consideration.

Dr. Rocio Nell
CEO/Medical Director
Hudson B. Scattergood
Board of Directors

Online donation system by ClickandPledge